Company Philosophy

 1. The ultimate in sound reproduction

Over the decades the idea of sound reproduction has changed a lot from ‘High-Fidelity’ at the end of the 50s to that of ‘high-end’. Whichever label one might try to apply, this is the natural, the most faithful living sound reproduction, which is the ultimate and only goal that Ancient Audio is intent on pursuing.


2. Sophisticated design

The music being the ultimate priority, the design of Ancient Audio products also makes them conspicuous among many others available on the market, cherishing the eye of the owner. The idea is to create an everlasting beauty that adds to the decor of a living space.


3. The ultimate in workmanship

The Quality of workmanship and reliability is of the utmost priority at Ancient Audio. All the hitherto manufactured products have been easily tracked down thanks to an on-line computer base of each and single unit and a direct internet link between the owner and the manufacturer. Not only do we care but assist as well.


 Jarek Waszczyszyn - founder of Ancient Audio