Studio Oslo
nearfield powered monitor speaker


“ Als Abhörmonitor konzipiert, lässt sich mit Studio Oslo auch im häuslichen Umfeld hervorragend Musik hören. Sehr homogene, natürliche Wiedergabe, es macht einfach Spaß, mit dem Breitbänder Musik zu hören!”

“Designed as near-field monitors Studio Oslo work excellent under normal listening conditions at home. They play very coherent and natural. It is a real pleasure to listen to this small broadband speakers!” (HiFi Statement , 21 April 21013)

“... Now you marvel at how huge and coherent these tiny Poles sound up close, how potent their cleverly tuned upper bass is to convey shocking oomph and fetching warmth...” ( Srajan Ebaen, 6moons, , December 2012)


“..Ze względu na cenę werdykt może być tylko jeden: Ancient Audio Studio Oslo są warte każdej złotówki, jaką trzeba na nie wydać. Jesteśmy przekonani, że uporają się z niejedną droższą konstrukcją o podobnej budowie i wieloma tradycyjnymi zestawami stereo.” ( AGDLAB PL, 16.10.2012 ),48641.html

“ .. pierwsze pytanie, jakie przychodzi do głowy jest proste: "Jak to gra?" Odpowiedź też jest prosta i nie wymaga namysłu: "Zaje..ście"....Kolumny wyglądają fantastycznie i świetnie grają”...(High Fidelity, wrzesień 2012, numer 101 )

“...the most important question must be: “how these speakers sound like”? The answer that comes to mind immediately is “unbelievably well".... These are beautiful speakers for two reasons – first of all its their design, secondly it's an amazing, remarkable sound”...(High Fidelity, October 2012, No.101)


"...all I could think about was spending more time with these beautiful, sexy, addictive things...Simply put, at times, they threw virtual holograms..They are truly wonderful loudspeakers, period..." (Hi Fi Pig, 01 October 2012)


Ancient Audio is widely known manufacturer of high-end CD players, amplifiers and speakers. The products like Wing Speaker, Vintage or Holography have established the position of Ancient Audio on the audio market. The acquired experience has been put into practice at new budget speakers - Studio Oslo. Despite its miniature size they have been designed with no lesser attention to detail than the cost-no object floor standing speakers.

Finished in fine natural veneers, or high-gloss ( black, white, red, blue ) can match to any classic or modern furniture.



Studio Oslo for professional applications:

The have been designed as near field monitors to be professionally applied in recording studios. Its construction allows for close-range audition, smaller than 1 meter in fact, but with exceptionally good lower end, ideal timbre reproduction, focusing, dynamics and space making them perfectly suited to be auditioned in small places, as well as on your desk.

The small size helps to use its in home recording, but also as ultra-portable monitors for field recordings. Studio Oslo is a perfect speaker for computer-based studios.


For those who require the best professional applications possible a dual-mono version will be provided. Each single unit equipped with its own amplifier and power supply. Of course a solid flying case will also be offered to contain the speakers.



Studio Oslo for computer :

An exceptional sound reproduction, built-in amplifiers, affordable price and miniature size will turn out to be very attractive for a number of discerning listeners using computers. It is possible to connect directly via phones socket or additional sound card for the highest quality.

Studio Oslo is the perfect speaker for any computer due to small size, ability to listen from small distance, excellent sound and easy of connection via phones socket:




Studio Oslo for TV set:

After further studies and upgrades it was possible to accommodate them to bigger listening places, even up to 30 square meters.

The contemporary TV sets are very tin. So, it is no place to install any serious speaker inside. For larger rooms the company subwoofer is recommended. For smaller spaces, like bedroom, a single pair is absolutely enough to fill the room by sound. Due to exceptional dynamics, space and focusing, a pair of Oslo speakers can make a true spatial sound, typical for larger, 5.1 Home Theatre systems. But it requires much less space of your TV table.

Studio Oslo can be connected into phones socket in your TV. It is easy, additionally you can control volume by TV remote handset.



Studio Oslo for mobile phones, MP3 players:

Handy, easy for use, cheap, capable of thousand tunes, the mobile phone is the most popular source of music for young generation. Even playing with compressed MP3 music, Studio Oslo makes a great sound. Able to be powered by car or yacht battery ( via additional power adapter) a pair of speakers can make a real party...




Studio Oslo connections:

Here is backplate of right speaker:

First, connect the power supply set to right speaker, and mains. It is possible to apply any universal laptop power adapter with DC 17- 19V, 4 A max, 5.5/ 2.5 mm connector, plus on the center pin.

Then, connect left speaker .

You have three pairs of input sockets:

  • XLR with sensitivity 1 Vrms for professional applications ( recording equipment, music instrument etc)
  • RCA with for high level signal sources ( sensitivity 1 Vrms) , like CD players, tape recorders etc.
  • RCA with for low level signal sources ( sensitivity 0,5 V rms ), like computers, TV sets, mobile phones, MP3 players

Due to internal mixer no input selector is needed. All inputs are still active, so you can simultaneously receive a call from mobile phone, listen a music from CD, and play your own solo by synthesizer.


Studio Oslo build

It requires a pin-point source of sound reproduction to listen from a small distance. It requires a hi-tech wide-band speaker. Its membrane is made up of anodized aluminum and is equipped with a huge magnet, metal die-cast chassis and high-power, double ventilated voice coil.

The set is fitted with high-end audio parts like Wima and Sanyo ( Suncon ) capacitors,

For precision and long-life volume control, the Alps potentiometer is applied:

The speaker is driven by a custom designed Analog Sound Processor and AB class amplifier. This processor makes all corrections of amplitude and time weaknesses of speaker driver. Despite small size it enabled to cover practically a whole acoustic spectrum from 38 Hz up to 21 kHz at medium-level signals.

The amplifier is AB high bias type. It needs an external heatsink, but it makes more detailed, more dynamic sound to compare with popular D-class amps. It delivers 30 W per channel.


The pair of Studio Oslo monitors has enough bass energy to play with full volume on desk, or to play with medium level in bigger areas. However, the subwoofer is recomended to enjoy Studio Oslo in bigger rooms, with full power of music.

Sub Oslo has medium size ( W x H x D ) : 260 mm x 260mm+40 mm feets x 340 mm. The internal volume is only 15 liters, diaphragm area is small too. To get enough acoustic power , the JBL was applied, with very high excusrsion ( 18 mm p-p linear, 30 mm p-p maximum ) . This solution has low efficiency, so build-in, powerfull amplifier was needed. Working in AB class, amp can deliver 150 W and 40 A p-p of current.

The subwoofer is painted in black pearl, what is the most friendly finish. Of course, it can be painted by any colour, as well as monitors.

All filters, phase shifters and inputs were designed exact to match with Studio Oslo monitors. So, the connection and tunning of subwoofer is easy. To get the optimal results, we recommend to set volume knob of subwoofer to maximum, and turn-down the bass knob of monitors. It decreaces the bass energy of monitors amplifiers and speakers. Free from bass generation, monitors can produce more power at mid/high frequencies. Also, bass distorsons are lower.

The subwoofer can be placed near the walls, or near the corners, to get the optimum bass features. If it will be necessarry, it is possible to connect more subwoofer in signal chain.


The stands:

If Studio Oslo plays as main speakers in room, they should be placed 40-60 cm above the floor. To do it, a dedicated stands were designed. Stands are empty, so it is possible to fill them by sand. It increaces stability and internal damping. The company stands has 45 cm height, black pearl finish.

The flying case:

The Studio Oslo speakers are the unique combination of small size and excellent sound. There are perfect portable tool for record engineers. Also, they makes moody background music for garden party, or mountain cottage vacations. The dedicated trouble-free transport box was made. The heavy-duty flying case is made from phenolic-impregnated brich plywood and aluminium. It has also an extra space for accesorries, like power supply, cables, tablet etc.


Studio Oslo essential Data:

  • Wide-band speaker 10 cm
  • AB class internal amplifier 2x30Watt
  • 101 dB SPL ( 1m, pair)
  • Dedicated Analog Sound Processor for sound control
  • Precision volume control
  • Wide-range tone control
  • XLR true balanced inputs ( 1 Vrms)
  • RCA inputs 1 Vrms
  • RCA inputs 0,5 Vrms
  • Lightweight, but high current power supply
  • RCA and mini-jack ( 3,5 mm ) cables included
  • Dual Mono professional version for better dynamics and chanel separation for request
  • Solid, flying case optional – dminensions ( W x H x D) : 355 x 320 x 310 mm
  • Dedicated stands optional
  • Dedicated subwoofer will be available soon
  • Car battery power supply optional
  • Portable battery pack power supply optional
  • Dimensions ( W x H x D ) : 100 x 239 x 210 mm
  • Weight shipping 5 kg ( 11 lbs.)
  • Finishes factory : natural veneer (Palisander Santos), high gloss black, white, red, blue
  • Custom finish for request : any natural or modified veneer, any color ( 0ver 2000 shades , RAL or NCS palette) high gloss, semi gloss, mat