About Company

Ancient Audio Company is a story of over 30 years of innovation and search for the Holy Grail of Perfect Sound. We are something in between of a research institution and artisan workshop.

We started in early 1990’ s in a garage in Kraków, Poland. As a company Ancient Audio was registered in 1995. The vision has been to make high-end state of the art audio equipment; combine best possible quality of sound with modern design.

Through the years we have developed a range of best in class CD players, amplifiers, speakers and other equipment. Our achievements have been recognized by a numerous awards. And most importantly by our clients’ smiles.


For years we have followed the conventional way of constantly using best components continuously improving our design with each new generation. As a result we were able to provide our clients with the best quality for fairly affordable price.

At the moment in addition to our traditional high-end offer we have developed cutting edge technology small – computer sized microprocessor-powered speakers OSLO, that provide true audiophile quality of sound at a very reasonable price.

Jarek Waszczyszyn - founder of Ancient Audio